it will all be worth the wait

Bronte. 17. I want to look back on my life and say "I couldn't have wished for anything better"

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experiencing light


I won’t take selfies with other people y’all don’t know my angles

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Bronte swimming hole, how I love thee.


bronte ma home

everything personal♡


[new text message/ 3:16 am]
I just drove 16 hours. I need to see you.

[new text message/ 2:09 am]
I’m drunk and I know I told you I didn’t want this anymore. But I want it. I want you. I’m sorry.

[new text message/ 12:13 pm]
Maybe if I could kiss you one more time everything would be alright.

[new text message/ 8:07 am]
Fuck. I shouldn’t have let you go.

[new text message/ 4:02 am]
Are you up? I miss you.

[new text message/ 4:05 am]
A lot.

[new text message/ 5:16 pm]
I saw something that reminded me of you and my throat caught fire.

[new text message/ 12:22 am]
I wish you were here.

[new text message/ 3:17 am]
I need you. Please call me back.


- 9 texts I wish you’d send me even though I know I’ll probably never hear from you again (via extrasad)

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Matt Hitt and Sky Ferreira

i love them both so much omg

perfection in a picture